Useful Information

Pepperoni: The classic pepperoni topping is the most popular product worldwide on “your favourite pizza”. With chilli and paprika, it has a stronger and more distinctive flavour than salami. It is especially popular in the USA, southern Europe, the UK and Scandinavia.
Salami: Milder and with a rounder flavour than pepperoni, but with a pronounced richness that makes your pizzas or sandwiches extra tasty. In Europe, it is a favourite with Germans, the Dutch and the French.
Chorizo: The Spanish classic. Coarser and spiced with paprika, it is fast becoming a popular product throughout Europe. In terms of flavour, it lies between the stronger pepperoni and the milder salami.
Our products are available as sticks slices and cubes, and are supplied refrigerated or frozen. All products are supplied in diameters from 25-100 mm, while our newest technology enables us to supply mini pepperoni which is 17 mm in diameter.
Our quality products are available in several varieties